Sketchbook Page

sketchbook page

I never paint sketchbook pages but I’ve been craving painting and the paper in my little A5 sketchbook is a nice smooth texture so I thought I’d give myself some time to have an experiment and try out some new ideas.

This is a follow up really from what I was talking about in my last post; lots of colour, history, pattern and people! You also can never go wrong with some florals which I also enjoy painting.


Something Different


In between my design commissions I’ve been thinking a lot about my illustration career, prompted by 15 Steps to Freelance Illustration by Thomas James, which is such a useful resource.

As an experiment [illustrator Marshall Arisman] made a list of 4 things that he had a deep knowledge of and decided to focus his  energy on creating art based solely on those 4 things.

Inspired by this I asked myself, what do I like to illustrate? The answers were colour, portraiture, history, and pattern. And here they all are in one image!!

There’s more to come like this soon!


Love Nora

I’ve not blogged for ages!

I’ve been doing a lot of work but a lot of it is not stuff I can share, which is a shame!

I have been doing little doodles and bits on the side still, I always keep busy.

This is something I scanned in and touched up slightly today; I’ve added it to my portfolio, but I produced it in 2013 for a summer brief before my foundation course began; the task was to produce a self portrait without the person being in it. I wanted to suggest the persons presence in a place I associate with them using their belongings. This is the one I made of my grandma. It’s still pretty special to me.

Love Nora


Happy Cat

What happens inside those quaint houses I drew yesterday? I think they’re rather nice, cosy homes. This cat lives in one and he certainly thinks that they are-and knowing cats he probably lives in several of them!!


Little House

Some colour experiments on my favourite type of house; a Victorian style villa! They have so much character.

I feel like colour is something you can always improve on so I’m doing my best to find some schemes which really pop –  and some which have subtle harmony.

I’m working on little pieces to improve my work technically at the moment. Although I know my central illustration style, experimenting and change is vital to improving. You can always improve!


Live Drawing at Lincoln Christmas Market

I recently stumbled across the few photos we got of my live drawing event at the Hawkwood Books stall at the Christmas Market last year. I didn’t get any photos of the children’s portraits I did, but it was very popular. The goal was for each portrait to take less than five minutes.

The family portrait included here was done from a photograph for a young woman whose father had passed away only days ago, who wanted a picture of her family together.