Personal Illustration Moodboard

When in a rut: Make a moodboard!!

When I am unsure what direction to go in for my work, I like to collect my current favourite illustrations into one place, which allows me to see themes emerging in my tastes; in terms of colour, line, etc.

Here’s one I made recently; with work from Julia Sarda, Audra Auclair, Pascale Campion, Cruschiform and Oamul among others.




Diversity Festival

The University of Lincoln has chosen my summer project work to promote their diversity festival happening this month. They’ve used it in print media, on their website and across social media!

Additionally, last month the same work was featured in the Lincolnshire Echo for the promotion of the city-wide ‘Festival of Creativity’ which included our degree show.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 14.11.18

Goodbye Lincoln

I’ve been making the most of lovely Lincoln in my final week living here. I’m excited to move forward, but I’ll certainly miss the views!

Lincoln 5Lincoln copyLincoln 3lincon 2 copyLincoln 4 copy

Magician’s Nephew Packaging concept

As an extension of the Magician’s Nephew project, I designed a series of packaging, based on the illustrations, which would be used to promote the release of the book.

As the illustrations are full-colour inside the book and therefore would be a part of a luxury product, I decided to extend this high-end appeal by designing a luxury toffee brand, with each flavour inspired by the corresponding illustrations; for example, the ‘Wood Between Worlds’ illustration, which was depicting a calm, quiet scene, is Pistachio and lavender flavour. Both ingredients have a high-end appeal, as they are often used in other luxury products, and the calming effect of lavender aligns with the concept for the illustration.




Hawkwood Books: Lincoln Baron

So Lincoln had a ‘Baron trail’ two years ago and currently has the ‘Knight’s trail’. They’re a celebration of the city’s history and culture. In addition to the full sized barons, there are many miniature versions in shop windows, all of which are hand painted. Today I completed one such baron for Hawkwood books, who I did a book cover for last year. I was asked to decorate it with a selection of Hawkwood’s covers, and I’m pretty happy with the end result!


At the end of 2016 I was commissioned by two small businesses to design their logos.

The first is for a hypnotherapy business; the client had a very strong idea of what she wanted in her head, but the first artist she commissioned went off in a very different direction which did not communicate the calming, peaceful impression that the client had hoped for. My version, based closely on her own idea, was exactly what she wanted.

The second logo was a long process of discussions with the client. I drew dozens of thumbnails for her until we landed on this design which can work as both a logo and a logotype. I designed the font myself, which was left rough and wobbly at the clients’ request.

I really enjoy trying my hand at design, especially working with fonts.

On Drawing

I have always agreed with the old adage that ‘you have to know the rules so you can break them.’ I draw stylised people in my illustrations, but they are backed up by at least twelve years of learning to draw traditional portraiture. I think it always appealed to my competitive nature because I compete with myself to improve and make the drawing look more like the person or animal or photograph!

Animal portraits are actually much newer to me than people; they started with a commission at the end of 2015 and I’ve had a few since then. But the same rules of observation apply so it was less of a jump than expected.