Saying no to winter blues


Sunshine print.jpg

It does seem a bit ironic that I came up with this design slap-bang in the middle of a cold British winter!! But this many smiley faces and this much lively yellow can only be an antidote the darkness, and a nice reminder that spring is not really so far away.

In truth, I came up with this design because I was thinking back (again) on what was probably the first time my artwork was ever criticised. I was four or five, in my first year of school. I was painting a landscape at the easel and I gave the sunshine a cute smiley face, when my teacher came up behind me and told me that the sun shouldn’t have a face!! Well, even at that age I knew VERY well that the sun didn’t have a face, duh!! I was pretty precocious about my art at that age so I was seething, and clearly I haven’t gotten over it yet (I turn 23 next year so it’s almost 20 years since it happened…. which is nuts).

And so I decided that perhaps a bit of art therapy would help me to get over this tragic, harrowing experience from my youth – ha!


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