New Direction

Hi hi!! Long time no see!

I’ve got a set of really fun watercolour based illustrations to show you. I’d like to do one illustration per day now, I feel as though I’ve figured out how to create in a way which I love and really enjoy. I don’t think I’ll ever have one ‘style,’ I would just get so bored of never trying anything new!! But I think that I have finally relaxed enough to listen to myself and create art in whichever way I choose! So far they’re all watercolour based because… Well, because before I was only comfortable working digitally. I felt that it was less risky, that any mistakes were fixable, and I thought that my traditional media work was too messy and rough. I thought my work needed to look perfect.

Now I see the joy in having imperfections and I can finally actually enjoy the bleeds and textures created by watercolour! Watercolour has always been my favourite type of paint but I’ve just been too shy to use it as much as I like.

Anyway, here are some of the paintings, I hope you like them because I sure do!!

galaxiesmoonaloecoffee shop


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