Magician’s Nephew Sketchbook

Just a few of my favourite spreads from my sketchbook for my final uni project. I love doing sketchbook work, it’s such a valuable tool for planning out my illustrations.

If you’re not familiar with the book, it’s set in Victorian London, where the main characters Polly and Digory meet. When Digory’s unpleasant uncle gives the children some magic rings they get into all sorts of adventures and see the formation of the magical land of Narnia.


The very first sketchbook layout: studies of Victorian children.
Initial character exploration for Digory.
Initial character exploration for Polly


Having visited the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford I knew I wanted to give the Magician a cluttered and eclectic study, which I designed around the objects I saw in the museums I visited between February and May this year.




Exploring a concept for the attack on the magician (They are only curious, but he is terrified as he’s been horrid to animals in the past!)

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